Activity Book

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The Activity Book is used for activities related to Research in the Human-Centered Design process


“Using play as a way to peer into the world of young children”

Time required: Two Weeks

What is the Activity Book?

The Activity Book is a fun and engaging way for children of all ages to share experiences about their day, learn about feelings, and practice activities that can help everyone understand and process those feelings. It provides the structure for both interactive activities and focused conversations between a child and an adult/caregiver.

Instructions on how to fill out the Activity Book can be found on page 2. Download the Activity Book

Activity Book Worksheets

Want to use a particular activity with a lot of children, but don’t want to rip it out of the book? Print off worksheets here!

Draw Your Day

Emotional Dice Activity

Sunshine Breathing

Lamar the Lemon

Ren the Robot

Samantha the Snake

Daliyah the Dandelion

Farad the Fish

Skylar the Skunk

OverlapStep Two