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What is a Postcard?

  • A Postcard is a simple tool easily understood without much instruction—if you have ever sent a postcard to a friend, you’re well on your way

  • It is fast and a fun way for people to respond to a topic by providing a quick and concise summary—it forces people to get to the point

  • This tool allows people to provide feedback, to share their life experiences, or to just find a bit of hope in their situation

  • Overlap uses postcards in two contexts with the following prompts:

    • “If you really knew me…” in which people respond with important context that they believe would be helpful for service providers to know

    • “Dear 2019 me…” in which people write a letter from their future self about how things are 5-10 years from now

When do I use it?

  • Postcards can be used as an activity station at any event where people can talk and share their experiences

  • You may place them your front desk where people can insert completed ones into a “mailbox”

  • Or use it as a way to frame a conversation or to start an interview with clients

How do I use it?

  • Encourage people to follow the cues and write in their responses by hand

  • All responses should remain anonymous

  • If children (or adults) are not able to write their response themselves, offer to be a confidential scribe

Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure that you have the right prompt for the Postcard you want to use

  • Ensure that you let people know that there are no wrong answers when completing their Postcard

  • When working with children, find a simple way to get the prompt across and write down what the child is saying word for word

  • Remember that you can gain a tremendous amount from a one- or two-word answer on a Postcard